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One of the ways employees determine whether or not they have a “good job” is the nature of the employee benefit package they receive. In some cases, this may be as important as the starting salary. In times of escalating medical and pharmaceutical costs, employees want to be certain that they have the best possible health care for themselves and their families. They also want to know that if they suffer a catastrophic injury or illness their family will still be able to survive financially.

Private employers often offer life, health, and disability insurance options to their employees, which are governed by the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act (ERISA). However, when employees make claims to these insurers, they are often denied benefits they paid premiums for and are entitled to receive. Sapphire Legal can help you appeal the denial of these benefits whether the appeal is at the administrative or court levels.

What Our Employee Benefit Attorney Can Do to Help

Sapphire Legal can help you get the benefits you deserve. Our attorney personally experienced a denial of private disability insurance benefits when she was ill, so she understands the devastation caused by a denial and the resultant lack of income. She is dedicated to recovering your life, health and disability benefits promised to you and for which you have paid premiums. She is also dedicated to making sure your retirement is maximized and secure. Sapphire Legal can assist you with regard to the following benefits:

Health Care

According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), all employers with 50 or more full-time employees must provide health insurance or pay a penalty (tax) to the federal government. Though health care is expensive, small businesses, too, feel the pressure to offer decent medical coverage in order to attract well-qualified employees. Kristi can assist you if your employer should be offering you health insurance and has not or if the health insurer has improperly denied a claim for medical benefits.

Pension Plans/Retirement Accounts

A pension plan is a type of retirement plan to which the employer contributes. In Washington, both state and local governments and their employees contribute to the funding of employee retirement benefits. The employee contributes according to his or her salary and the employer adds a percentage of that employee’s contribution to the pot. In private businesses, employers are usually the only contributors, though some plans permit employees to add money to their existing pension accounts. The payments the employee will receive at retirement depend on his/her salary and on how many years he or she has been with the company. Private employers also normally offer 401(k) accounts. Retired employees frequently learn that their pension fund has significantly decreased or that their retirement benefits are not in the amount expected. Additionally, retirement plans often allege that they overpaid benefits. Sapphire Legal can assist you in securing your retirement benefits and in appealing actions taken to reduce your retirement income.

Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance

Public and private employers often offer optional short-term and long-term disability insurance. In Washington State, government employees are covered for disability benefits through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB). Employees working for non-government employers usually receive disability benefits through private insurance companies. This insurance usually amounts to up to 60 percent of the employee’s regular salary and is not subject to income taxation.

Employees purchase disability insurance so that if the worst happens, they can make up for the loss of incomeShort-term disability may be offered as a self-insured program through the employer or through private insurance. Long-term benefits are normally paid for only the most drastic illnesses and injuries, such as spinal cord injury, cancer, traumatic brain injury and severe psychiatric disorders.  Private insurance companies routinely deny disability claims and employees often do not appeal these decisions even though they should. Sapphire Legal can assist you in obtaining your short-term and long-term disability insurance benefits even if the insurance company has denied them. However, time limits apply so it is important that you contact us right away.

How Sapphire Legal Can Help With Your Benefit Claims

At Sapphire Legal, we are real people who have experienced real problems and we pride ourselves on our reputation for being compassionate and empathetic. We know that benefits are a necessary part of your income and provide, providing extra support when you and your loved ones need it most. Come to us when: Your health, life, or disability benefit claim has been denied, Your retirement benefit has been reduced or threatened or a claim for overpayment has been asserted against you. Your employer is refusing to acknowledge or accommodate your disability Your employer is disputing your need to take a medical leave for yourself or a family member

Contact Our Everett Employment Benefit Lawyer

We know that you only want the benefits you are entitled to receive and we empathize with the difficulty of having to fight for what belongs to you. Sapphire Legal can guide you through the process of obtaining your benefits and can also fully represent you in efforts to obtain them. Having personally experienced the hassle of dealing with an insurer regarding such claims, our attorney knows all too well how they will manipulate facts to deny your right to benefits. Contact Sapphire Legal soon so Kristi can begin fighting for you.