Construction & Real Estate


We draft and revise construction contracts for homeowners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We also provide advice regarding interpreting contract provisions when our clients have questions or are in a dispute during their project. Our attorney’s advice and representation include topics such as change orders, extras, delays, incomplete or abandoned work, construction defect, claims against contractor’s bonds, and liens on real property. We offer single appointments for advice and guidance, draft demand letters, negotiate a settlement, and also provide full legal representation in arbitration and court.


We draft and record liens against real property under RCW 60.04. Our lien drafting and recording normally costs our clients less than if they used a specialty lien service, which typically will not have an attorney on staff and cannot give legal advice. We also defend against liens, file removal actions, and bring actions under the frivolous lien statute. If we file your lien, we will track its status and remind you of the date the lien will expire if a lawsuit is not filed. We can also represent you in turning your lien into a lien foreclosure action in Superior Court, in which you are entitled to an award of attorney’s fees and costs if you win. We offer legal representation that ranges from single one-hour advice appointments to full representation in lien actions.


We litigate construction cases involving a breach of contract, construction defects, delays, change orders, non-payment, coordination of work, and liens. Our attorney has represented clients in numerous arbitration hearings and in court at every stage, from filing the initial complaint, to discovery, to motions for summary judgment, all the way through verdict at trial.


We draft Purchase and Sale Agreements, Deeds, Subordination Agreements, Liens, Easements, and Boundary Line Adjustments to be used and recorded for real property transactions and agreements, whether by sale or agreement of the parties. If you have a real estate document you need reviewed, drafted, or recorded, give us a call. Our attorney is efficient with your time and money.


We represent clients in boundary line and easement disputes, condemnation actions, neighbor disputes, claims for adverse possession and timber trespass. We also represent clients in matters involving fraud and misrepresentation, and in zoning and development. We represent clients in land use hearings and petitions, other local government hearings, and in mediation, arbitration, and court. Our attorney offers coaching and counseling appointments, write demand and/or cease and desist letters for our clients, and assist our clients in settlement negotiations and/or obtaining repairs.