We represent employers and employees in employment related matters based on a flat fee, contingency, or hourly rate, depending on the circumstances of each case. We handle matters involving drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employment policies and manuals, leave policies and employment, non-compete and severance agreements. We also give advice regarding policies and procedures, termination, discipline, unemployment benefits, discipline, and any other employment issue that arises. We negotiate salary, benefits, and partnership/ownership agreements as well. We handle independent investigations involving disciplinary actions, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and hostile work environment. 

We provide you with your legal rights and options so you can make an informed decision. If you have any employment related issue, we will effectively represent your interests and resolve it for you with your goals and best results in mind. 

Areas of employment law law in which we practice:


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Breach of Contract

Civil Rights




Reasonable Accomodation


Separation Agreements 



Sexual Harassment 


Wage and Hour


Wrongful Termination


We represent employees in their claims for insurance benefits, including life, health, and disability insurance, which are subject to federal law under ERISA (“Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974”).

We know how to prosecute claims against insurance companies and plan administrators when they have wrongfully denied claims for life, health, and disability insurance benefits to current or former employees and insureds because we used to defend the insurance companies in such actions. Therefore, we know the loopholes, strategies, and other tactics they engage in to avoid paying your claim for benefits. We know how to handle your employer, insurance company, medical providers, private investigators and others involved in the processing of your claim, including their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. We also are very knowledgeable in presenting your claim to them in a bullet-proof way so they cannot utilize the loopholes contained in the policy language in order to deny your claim for benefits. We know how to get you paid!

We handle initial claim filings, appeals on the administrative level, and court actions and appeals. We represent employees on a contingency fee (percentage) basis in these cases so employees who would not otherwise be able to afford legal representation can retain an attorney without paying up front. We only get paid if you win.

We have taken on the following insurance companies:


Fidelity Life

Globe Life

Group Health



Liberty Mutual


Mass Mutual

Met Life

New York Life



State Farm



Construction Litigation requires an attorney familiar with the construction industry and applicable Washington case law.  Sapphire Legal’s Attorney has been practicing Construction law and trying construction cases for over 14 years and is a highly-rated attorney in the practice area.  We have the familiarity with construction projects and contracts and knowledge of applicable Washington case law  required to be successful for our clients. We draft agreements, file liens and lien foreclosure actions as well as defend them, negotiate change orders, and serve as general counsel to our clients. We operate a lien filing service that drafts and records liens and lien related documents on a flat fee basis as well.

We litigate construction disputes in court, mediation, and arbitration. We handle claims for breach of contract, misrepresentation, frivolous liens, lien foreclosures, breach of warranty, change orders, defects, and any other construction related issues. We represent homeowners, business owners, developers, materialmen and suppliers, subcontractors, and general contractors. We handle large and small cases whether worth $1000 or $10 million.  

In real estate, we draft documents such as easements, boundary line adjustments, purchase and sale agreements, and deeds. We also litigate real estate matters involving neighbor and boundary line disputes, breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud, misrepresentation, and claims under Washington's Consumer Protection Act.


We are litigators at our core. We represent businesses and individuals in litigation whether plaintiffs or defendants from pre-Litigation through trial. Examples of litigation matters we have handled outside our primary practice areas include partnership disputes, injury cases, breach of contract, collections, breaches of fiduciary duties, consumer protection act claims, copyright and trademark, fraud, antitrust, misrepresentation, administrative hearings at the state and county levels, evictions, and the list goes on. 

Our pre-litigation work includes demand letter drafting and response, mediation, and legal strategy and advice. During litigation, we handle the entirety of your case from drafting or answering a Complaint or Arbitration Demand through trial. This includes representation, advice and appearances in initiating and responding to discovery, taking and defending depositions, motion drafting and responses, as well as argument to the Court, preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders, summary judgment, settlement negotiations, and trial preparation and representation. We also offer post-trial services relating to enforcement of judgments. 

We handle appeals as well. We draft extensive appellate briefs and argue your appeal

We know how to effectively handle lawsuits, arbitrations and administrative hearings from filing through trial. And we represent you in an effective manner. We are confident in our knowledge and skills and will work tirelessly on any case you have.