Kristi Favard
Attorney at Law

Kristi Favard has been litigating cases throughout the state of Washington since 2003.  She has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers and as a Top Woman Attorney by Seattle Met Magazine for the majority of her career. Kristi opened Sapphire Legal in 2017 after experiencing a serious illness for nearly three years, which completely changed her life.  With resiliency and a “never give up” attitude, Kristi persevered and returned to the practice of law determined to reignite her passion for it. She changed her practice to primarily represent employees and individuals on the Plaintiffs’ side rather than defend corporations and insurance companies.  In a short period of time, Kristi was able to rebuild the career she thought she lost when she became ill, and find even greater happiness and satisfaction in her work.

Kristi is a passionate advocate for her clients and takes pride in getting to know them personally.  Kristi is also smart, has a strong work ethic, and practices law with professionalism, understanding, and compassion. She is known by clients and colleagues for being genuine and personable. Kristi provides her clients with support and encouragement that reaches far beyond legal representation and she approaches each case with the goal of helping her client through a difficult time. She is driven to “right wrongs” and fight for the underdog. She feels a great sense of pride and satisfaction in watching her clients transform from worrisome and stressed at the beginning of a case to relieved, strong, and happy at the end.  Kristi routinely receives heartfelt thank you notes from her clients for going above and beyond her duties and for providing them with both the legal and emotional support they need.   

As a child, Kristi often went to work at the Courthouse with her grandmother, who was a Justice of the Peace (but did not have a law degree and claimed to be “the original Judge Judy”).  When she was 7, she was in the Clerk’s office being babysat while her grandma was hearing cases in the courtroom. She heard her grandma yelling at a defendant down the hallway and through two sets of closed doors and has wanted to be a lawyer ever since.  

Kristi grew up in Eastern Washington and graduated from Davenport High School in 1994.  She then attended the University of Montana and Heritage University, where she obtained a B.A. in Sociology.  As a single mom and with the support of her parents, Kristi attended law school at the University of Washington School of Law and graduated in 2003. She had a son just weeks before the bar exam, which she somehow still managed to pass.  Kristi worked in Seattle and Everett law firms, primarily representing corporate defendants and insurance companies, for about 13 years until she took disability leave in 2015. Kristi’s illness changed her life in many ways and ultimately resulted in the opening of Sapphire Legal, PLLC. 

Our Mission

Sapphire Legal strives to provide legal representation that is not found in traditional law firms.  We offer our clients a personal touch delivered with empathy, compassion, and genuine care and concern.  

We are also motivated to deliver results. It is our mission to provide high-quality legal work and excellent client service. We truly enjoy getting to know our clients and we realize that each client’s goals will differ. We want our clients to understand the legal process, what to expect and to be fully informed about options and risk before determining their ultimate goal.  We educate our clients so they can choose what is best for them and then we find a way to achieve the result they want.

We strive to offer affordable legal representation. We offer several options for fee structures and appointments so our clients can choose what is best for their needs and finances. 

We are passionate about achieving justice for our clients. We stand up for what is right and we represent our clients with integrity and compassion. We make it personal and about you.

Our History

Sapphire Legal was named after the Sapphire Mountains in Montana. The law firm’s colors are blue and copper, representing the natural sapphires and copper found in Montana, where Kristi was born. The logo uses the firm’s initials to form a mountain.

Kristi named the firm in honor of her parents, who encouraged her to attend law school as a single mother. Her mother is from Montana and her birthstone is a sapphire. Kristi’s stepfather, who raised her during her teenage years, tragically passed away in 2005 after being hit by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle. Only a month prior to the accident, he randomly expressed his wishes to have his ashes placed in Montana’s Sapphire Mountains when his time came, which the family honored. Twelve years later, Kristi named her firm Sapphire Legal in his memory.