Woman discussing retaliation claim with attorney.

Proving Workplace Retaliation

Federal and state laws protect employees from workplace retaliation in certain situations. However, the law only applies to retaliation by an employer when the retaliation is a result of your participation in a protected activity.  Therefore, proving employer retaliation can be difficult without the help of an experienced Washington retaliation claims attorney. What is Workplace […]

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Woman experiencing sexual harassment at her workplace.

Questions About Sexual Harassment

According to The Washington Post, the term “sexual harassment” is believed to have been coined in the mid-seventies, but the act itself has been around for generations. If you have been sexually harassed, or have witnessed sexual harassment in your workplace or elsewhere, you are not alone. That doesn’t mean, however, that anyone should tolerate […]

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Man filing an appeal for a failed PIP at Amazon.

Appealing a Failed PIP at Amazon

Amazon has an employee performance improvement process that can be overwhelming for employees faced with the threat of losing their job. Employees at Amazon who are identified as having performance problems by their managers normally experience one or more of the following:   They are placed on Amazon’s Development List (“Dev. List”), which identifies them as […]

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A male coworker touching a female coworker's shoulders, one of many examples of sexual harassment.

Twelve Behaviors You May Not Realize Are Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a common problem throughout the country. Unfortunately, many forms of sexual harassment go unreported because employees may not recognize that they are the victims of sexual harassment, which is also considered gender discrimination and is illegal. If you feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or threatened by any actions at work, it […]

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Sapphire Legal discusses the classes protected under Title VII.

Title VII Protected Classes: Where We Stand Today

Discrimination in the workplace is against the law. Federal and state laws protect employees from discrimination based on a variety of factors. Some states have expanded discrimination laws beyond the protections in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Also, current federal court cases appear to be expanding the interpretation of some of […]

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Sapphire Legal discusses the most common zoning disputes that affect homeowners.

Zoning Disputes that Affect Homeowners

Zoning laws divide geographic areas into residential, commercial and industrial districts. In order to serve this purpose, zoning laws provide the types, heights, and sizes of buildings permitted, establish minimal boundaries between structures and minimal setbacks from the street, designate how many rooms a building in a particular area may have and whether homes in […]

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