About Sapphire Legal

An Employment and Construction Law Firm

Sapphire Legal, PLLC is a law firm in Mill Creek, Washington focused on employment and construction law, ERISA employee benefit claims, and general litigation. The firm was established after its owner, Kristi Favard, experienced a very serious illness following a surgery, was on medical leave for two years, and dealt with the aftermath of not working as a result of her illness. The experience was humbling and made her think deeply about her life and the people and things in it. She decided to open her own firm, be her own boss, and do things her way, rather than the impersonal “corporate” way, for both herself and her clients. You will find that Sapphire Legal’s approach is very personalized, down to earth, and authentic. We care about our clients.  

Sapphire Legal was named in honor of Kristi Favard's parents. Her stepfather, Bill, passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2005 involving a drunk driver. His ashes rest in Montana's Sapphire Mountains. Her mother, Lana, was born and raised in Montana and the sapphire is her birthstone.

The sapphire is considered noble and is often worn by royalty. It is believed to provide protection and symbolizes strength, wisdom, and integrity and is thought to reveal fraud and deceit in others. With regard to the law, the sapphire symbolizes a speedy and just resolution. The sapphire is valuable and precious yet strong, and symbolizes wisdom, integrity, and truth.

Sapphire Legal was established with these virtues in mind. Our goal is to protect our clients and to provide knowledge, insight, and wisdom in every case we handle. We seek the truth, are straightforward, and handle ourselves and our clients with integrity. We are strong and tenacious balanced with compassion and insight. Our clients receive a legal experience that is efficient in both time and money and effective in results. We provide legal representation that goes above and beyond our duties. We make it personal and about you.