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Washington is known as a progressive state that is home to some of the largest tech, manufacturing, and service companies in the U.S. which recruit and hire the most talented and skilled professionals in their industries. Employment discrimination, workplace harassment, and other employment-related disputes are not uncommon here, however. If your employer has treated you unfairly, the best way to protect yourself is to consult an experienced employment law attorney who is familiar with federal and state laws that protect employees.

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Sapphire Legal enforces laws that ensure the workplace is free from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Founding attorney Kristi Favard provides her clients with informed representation, caring personal service, and tenacious legal advocacy. Based on her previous experience at established law firms in Everett and Seattle representing businesses, Kristi understands that companies often have an unfair advantage over aggrieved employees. Well-versed in local, state, and federal employment and labor laws, and driven by a passion to help those who have been wronged, she opened Sapphire Legal to stand up for Washington workers’ legal rights while providing them with compassionate individualized legal representation, which is uncommon in traditional law firms.

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How Sapphire Legal Helps Employees

If you are facing an employment dispute and are uncertain about what action to take, rest assured that our dedicated and knowledgeable legal team will be in your corner and advocate for you throughout the entire process. We represent clients in settlement and severance negotiations, union grievances, mediations, administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Washington State Human Rights Commission (HRC), in other Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) matters, such as unemployment appeals, and we are equally comfortable in state superior and federal district courts and courts of appeal.

We have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to help you obtain just compensation for your employer’s illegal acts. Our employment law attorney has years of extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of employment-related disputes, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, and wrongful termination claims in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, administrative hearings, and court.

Employment Discrimination

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees and job candidates on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age (40 and over), disability, pregnancy, and other protected characteristics under federal laws such as:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)

Additionally, Washington employees have even greater protection under the Washington State Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), which prohibits discrimination based on marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity in addition to the federally protected characteristics.

In short, state and federal laws prohibit employers from making discriminatory decisions when hiring, firing, promoting, demoting, and compensating — or with regard to any other term or condition of employment. If you believe you have been the victim of employment discrimination or are having problems with your employer, we can provide the zealous representation you need.

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Workplace Harrassment

Sexual harassment is an unlawful form of sex (gender) discrimination. There are two forms of sexual harassment — quid pro quo (or this for that) and hostile work environment.

Quid Pro Quo discrimination/harassment occurs when an employer, particularly a person in a position of authority over the victim, demands sexual favors in exchange for an employment benefit or retaliates against an employee who refuses a sexual advance (e.g. with termination, demotion, reassignment or pay cut). Whether an employee engages in sexual activity or not, laws exist to protect the employee from the employer’s and/or supervisor’s actions.

Hostile Work Environment discrimination involves an employee being subjected to a pattern of unwanted sexual conduct, such as lewd comments or visual displays, by a supervisor, coworker, vendor, client or customer. The conduct must be severe or pervasive enough that it is impossible for the employee to perform his or her job. An employee does not need to be the target of the conduct to experience a hostile work environment and may be able to establish a legal claim based on the sexual harassment of a coworker.

Nonsexual harassment can also be unlawful if it involves offensive comments, jokes and/or conduct designed to intimidate or target an employee based on a legally protected characteristic. However, not all harassment and bullying is illegal. Therefore, it is important to obtain a legal evaluation of your specific situation.

If you have been the victim of any form of illegal workplace harassment, Sapphire Legal can help you stand up against it and fight for your employment rights. If you are not sure whether you have legal rights regarding your employer’s actions, we will review your situation to determine whether your legal rights in employment have been violated. Either way, we can help you through the difficulties you are experiencing due to harassment.

Why Choose Sapphire Legal

Being involved in an employment-related dispute is an overwhelming experience that not only threatens your livelihood but your reputation as well. With so much at stake, it is crucial to have individualized legal representation based on your specific situation.

At Sapphire Legal, we provide the sophisticated legal advice and representation typical of a large law firm combined with the personal touch of a boutique practice. We are empathetic and can relate to the emotional and personal impact illegal employment actions have on employees and their families. We also recognize that each case is different and that every client has individualized and unique concerns and goals. We offer continuous support and work as a team to achieve the results you want. We make it personal and about you.

Whether you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment, have questions about employment benefits, need assistance reviewing an employment agreement (e.g. severance, non-disclosure, non-compete), are seeking a disability accommodation, or are involved in an unemployment appeal, union grievance, or lawsuit, we can help you. When you become our client, we take the time to explain your rights in detail, explore all the available options, guide you through the legal process, and enforce your employment rights.

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We know that taking legal action against an employer is a stressful experience and that you likely have concerns about your personal and professional future. Our team will alleviate those concerns by providing you with knowledgeable, compassionate, and trustworthy advice. We provide a range of comprehensive legal services from single coaching and counseling appointments to full representation in administrative proceedings and court. Although an agreed resolution to an employment dispute is typically in our clients’ best interests, we are fully prepared to litigate in a court of law if necessary, which we handle with tenacious and tireless advocacy that has a proven record of success.

Regardless of the approach, we will always keep your goals in mind and your best interests first. If you are struggling at work, have a dispute with your employer, or have questions regarding your legal rights, give us a call. Time limits apply to pursuing employment claims, so the sooner you call us to protect your legal rights, the better. Please contact Sapphire Legal today to learn what we can do for you.

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